play therapy

For my child clients (ages 5-11), I utilize Play Therapy to help them express themselves in a language that is most natural for them. While this can often look like “just playing games” to us as adults, for children, this is a path forward to identifying what may be troubling them, expressing it, and taking steps to learn and grow in healthy ways. When I am seeing a child for therapy, it often turns into family therapy. This is because children need those who love and care for them most to also commit to making changes that can help support them and the whole family.

individual therapy

Signing up for counseling is a very brave step to take and I consider it a privilege to accompany you on your journey. Whether you are looking to identify causes to your depression and anxiety, process and heal from past wounds and traumas, or challenge your negative and self-defeating thoughts and actions, counseling can help you dig deeply to find out what is getting in your way. Discover all of who God made you to be!